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Wanted: Healthy Volunteers

18 – 64 years of age, to participate in a brain imaging study at Wake Forest Baptist Health. Dr. Kishida’s laboratory is conducting a research study on how the human brain processes information and how people make decisions.During a visit, participants may view pictures, videos, or hear sounds while images of their brain are collected using a magnetic resonance imaging scanner (MRI scanner). Volunteers may also play simple computer games and answer questions about their experience.Compensation for participation is available. Participation in this study is expected to require up to 3 hours per visit.By participating, you will be contributing to our understanding of how the human brain works and how people make decisions. Your data will provide a baseline for understanding what changes in brain related illnesses like drug addiction and other psychiatric conditions.Participants may be taking medication for medical reasons, but must not be taking illegal drugs, be diagnosed with a psychiatric or neurological condition, or have suffered a brain injury.If interested, please fill out the contact form below!IRB #: IRB00044216